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Operation specification of baking machine

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The box body of the baking machine is made of angle steel and thin steel plate. The shell and working room are filled with glass fiber for thermal insulation. The heating system is installed on the top of the studio. The horizontal circulation ventilation can make the temperature in the baking machine more uniform, effectively avoid the gradient temperature difference and temperature overshoot in the working room, and improve the temperature uniformity in the working room. When using the baking machine equipment, the matters needing attention and Safety specifications are as follows: Steps / methods 1. Place the baking machine well, and do not place inflammable and explosive articles around the baking machine equipment. 2. Pay attention to the safe use of electricity, and select the power switch with appropriate capacity according to the power consumption of the baking machine: pay attention to some details in the use of the baking machine. The baking machine should be placed in the indoor dry and flat place to prevent vibration and corrosion environment. High temperature resistant power conductor shall be selected, and good grounding wire shall be provided. 3. Check whether the seal of each baking machine is damaged, whether the heating wire of the baking machine is damaged, and whether the insulation of the baking machine is good 4. When using the baking equipment, the temperature should not exceed the maximum set temperature of the baking machine. 5. When putting in the products, it should be noted that the arrangement should not be too close, and the products should not be placed on the heat sink of the baking machine equipment, so as to avoid affecting the upward flow of hot gas, and it is forbidden to bake inflammable, explosive, volatile and corrosive articles. For the baking machine with air blowing, it is necessary to turn on the blower in the process of heating constant temperature, otherwise the uniformity of indoor temperature will be affected and the heating element will be damaged.

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