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Points for attention in high temperature dyeing of baking machine

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High temperature and high pressure dyeing machine often causes defects such as color streaks, stains and spots due to improper process operation and poor operation. Therefore, the following matters should be paid attention to during dyeing: 1、BC贷 When preparing the dye solution, a small amount of cold water should be used to make the dye paste, and then room temperature water should be used to dilute the dye. Attention should be paid to that the temperature of diluted water should not be too high, higher than 60 degrees, the disperse dye quilt will be damaged, and the dye can be condensed. In addition to up-regulation, the dye can also be prepared by dusting method, that is, the dye can be slowly sprinkled into cold water under high-speed stirring, and it should not be placed for a long time after the dye bath is prepared. In order to prevent precipitation, agitator should be used to stir the mixture slowly. 2、BC贷 The selection of dyes should choose the varieties with good diffusivity and levelness as far as possible, and the dyes with similar dyeing performance should be selected when color matching. 3、BC贷 Reduction cleaning reduction cleaning is an important part of removing floating color. After reduction and cleaning, the color is slightly lighter. At the same time, the rubbing fastness and light fastness were improved. 4、BC贷 Prevention of tar spots the so-called tar spots are viscous substances formed in the dye solution, mainly composed of dye dispersant and polyester oligomer. Polyester oligomer is polyester polycondensation, in the high temperature and long time dyeing process, it will seep from the fiber into the dye solution and adhere to the fiber surface. The measures to prevent oil spots are as follows: 1. Strengthen fabric pretreatment. 2. Increase the ratio of dyeing bath. 3. Apply high temperature and high pressure dispersant. 4. High temperature drainage is adopted to avoid crystallization and precipitation of dye after cooling. 5. Shorten the cleaning cycle of equipment.

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