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With the accumulation of more than 40 years, Jiangdu printing machine with excellent quality was created. In 2013, it was renamed Yangzhou Jiangdu printing and Dyeing Machinery Co., Ltd. The company continues to uphold the concept of "revitalizing enterprises through science and technology", takes energy conservation and emission reduction as its own task, takes adapting to super difficult varieties as its direction of efforts, adheres to the pursuit of continuous pad dyeing and hot melt dyeing equipment, and is specialized in the optimization design and manufacture of hot air primer and baking machine. The company is a member of China printing and dyeing industry association and China Textile machinery and equipment industry association. In 2011, the company was rated as a national high-tech enterprise, and was awarded the national "R & D center of dyeing and finishing and baking equipment technology" and "energy saving and emission reduction recommended products" by China Textile Engineering Society. The ever-changing is the trend of history. Energy saving and emission reduction is the eternal mission of the printing and dyeing industry. Jiangdu printing machine will stand at a new starting point and work together with colleagues to further promote the development of printing and dyeing in the direction of green and environmental protection, so as to better repay the society.

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